This Month’s Battle: March 2018

Cool Earth

It’s easy being cool and down to earth. Your gift to Cool Earth will change the fate of at-risk rainforest and the live of the rainforest communities.

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The Good Food institute

Nomnomnom. Why only buy two pizza’s with your bitcoin if your bitcoin can create a healthy, humane, and sustainable food supply for everyone?

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Past Charities

Against Malaria Foundation

March 2018 (winner)

Mosquitoes. They suck. Blood, yes. But they also transfer malaria. So why not protect people from malaria? A gift of 100 dollars provides 50 long-lasting insecticidal nets that will protect 100 people for 3 years.

Evidence Action

March 2018

Be honest: you like your water clean and pure. So why not make sure other people can also get that pristine quality? Contribute bitcoin to this really clever water dispenser. A gift of 100 dollar provides safe water to 101 people for 1 year.

Why a Charity Battle?

We started the Bitcoin Charity Battle to raise awareness amongst the world’s charities for bitcoin. We believe bitcoin’s lightweight, fast and transparent technology is a fantastic addition to the global monetary system and as such, should be used by charities publicly soliciting donations.

But how will those charities realize bitcoin is here to stay, not a ponzi scheme and actually supersimple to implement?

By making donating both fun and simple, we hope the (generous) bitcoin community will help show charities they’re leaving money on the table by not integrating bitcoin into their operations. At the very least into their donation pages.

So it comes down to you, dear fellow crypto enthusiast. If you hold bitcoin, made a nice profit and want to introduce more of the world to crypto: consider giving some bitcoin to charity. And remember: if anyone can really use your bitcoin, it’s them. Whole bitcoins are nice, but you can start your philanthropic career with, say, a thousandth of a bitcoin. (That’s a whopping 100.000 Satoshis!)

So drop some satoshis like they’re hot. Because yes we can. Be a tiger. Just do it. Be a hero. Just for one day.

You’ll get all warm and fuzzy inside, we promise.

FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions

How did you choose your charities?

We started with charities that are proven to be highly effective in working with their donations. We looked at Effective Altruism, Give Well first, and Charity Charities, The Life You Can Save and Guidestar second to collect the first batch of charities.

We added a few lesser known charities to that list that could also really use donations, but were perhaps a bit less developed. Lastly, we added some charities that focus on privacy, media literacy and electronic freedom.

Since we want more charities to accept bitcoin, only charities that are not already accepting bitcoin are eligible for our Bitcoin Charity Battle. (Would you like us to consider your charity? Send us an email.

Lastly: your Lambo is not a charity. (Nor is ours, by the way.)

I've donated bitcoin to your site. What happens now?

First off: congratulations. You just made the world a better place. Here’s what the process looks like:

You donate some bitcoin to one of two receiving addresses. Each address corresponds to one charity. (The bitcoins received on that address will always be viewable on the blockchain.) After a month, we tally up the donations received per charity. The winning charity receives all bitcoin donated that month to both addresses, minus an overhead fee of 10%.

We send the winning charity an email and deliver them their monthly prize, financed by that 10%:

• A nano ledger
• All crypto donated that month
• An explanatory toolkit and workshop if needed on how to keep crypto safe, swop it for fiat, and how to make it part of the financial operation of a charity.
• code to embed a bitcoin donation button on any website.

We transfer the funds to the charity’s new ledger wallet, post a photo of the transfer, and publish the charity’s newly minted receiving address on our site so you can check that we’re legit. (How the charity decides to spend the crypto (or HODL;-) is obviously up to them.)

We send a similar invitation to that month’s losing charity. They receive:

• A nano ledger
• An explanatory toolkit and workshop if needed on how to keep crypto safe, swop it for fiat, and how to make it part of the financial operation of a charity.
• code to embed a bitcoin donation button on any website.
• A hug

What happens to my donation if the charity of my choice loses?

We transfer the “losing” charity’s donated bitcoin to the winning charity’s address, minus 10% overhead.

Why do you guys take a 10% cut?

The 10% overhead is used for out of pocket costs. Think of designing and running this site, maintaining it, distributing the bitcoin to charities, helping all charities set up their crypto systems, promoting the Bitcoin Charity Battle.

If one month’s donations remain under $10K, we will keep financing everything ourselves. If monthly donations exceed 100K, we will cap our fee at $10K.

So guys and girls: please chip in.

What other crypto charity related initiatives exist?

More and more. There is a great list of crypto accepting charities. There is Pink coin, a bunch of ICO’s for charity, a Universal Basic income coin, This thing called a GiftCoin and The BitGive foundation just to give some examples.

Who are you again?

I work at a charity. What about our taxes?

Crypto is differently taxed in different countries. Most of the time, it’s seen as similar to stocks or bonds. End of year of the latest any non-profit should get in touch with their fiscal lawyers or tax authorities.

Why did you start this?

We think bitcoin is far more than a speculative class or store of wealth. In the words of Naval Ravikant: “It’s a revolutionary technology disguised as a get-rich-quick scheme.” Developed as a mathematician’s answer to the banking crisis, we hope to see more and more adoption of bitcoin, especially in the world of non-profits.

Frequently lacking time, allocated budget or skills, non-profits usually come late to infrastructual improvements like this one. For the blockchain revolution currently underway, we want to do our part in increasing their odds in jumping on board.

I want to donate other crypto than bitcoin. How?

Go to an exchange and swop your altcoins for bitcoin. Come here, and send your satoshis to charity.

It’s the only thing that beats HODL’ing. (We suggest you use Binance.)

I want to donate to you guys specifically. How?

We’re doing this in our spare time. So donations are greatly appreciated. We’ll split whatever donations we receive amongst ourselves. We’ll even share the lambo. Donate your BTC here: 1B8wd2B6odiEa98QkQfQdq6aQsYKJNHMLb

But what about *your* taxes?

We’ll end this site before december 31st 2018 to avoid headaches. So tax authorities: if you’re reading this, please don’t send us to jail. We just want to try and do some good without having to go jail. We don’t want to become a charity on our own.

But crypto is a bubble!

That’s technically not a question. But even if crypto is a bubble, shouldn’t charities get their fair share of that bubble and change it back to fiat? Always keep in mind: we’re not charging the charity for hooking them up to the crypto world. Money on the table, right there.

How do I know this isn't a scam?

Would four scammers add their photo’s and links to their personal Twitter/LinkedIn profiles? (see footer for a squinting-in-the-sun picture and said links) You can find all of us online, and the companies we work for. We’ve distributed the private keys amongst the four of us, and they are safely protected. We distribute bitcoin every month to the winning non-profit, which will be able to confirm receiving bitcoin to anyone calling. And you too, will be able to confirm, by checking the transaction on the blockchain. At worst, we would take off with one month’s worth of donations and gamble all our reputations on the profits. Not gonna happen. Most likely, it wouldn’t even buy us a lambo.